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One category of such instruments deals with traumatology — specifically, products for the treatment of bone fractures such as bone nails and screws. Also your site loads up very fast! The vehicle also comes equipped with thermal imaging, and license plate readers.

SolidWorks SP Cov Phiaj Xwm Txaus Lawm x 64 – Please choose the CAD System you use:

If you want to be first in line to experience new features, download our latest Canary builds available for OSX (x64) / Windows (x86 or x64) / Linux (x86 or x64) for a sneak peek. Our Canary builds are designed for early adopters, and may sometimes break. Download Postman Canary. Login & Download. If you are a Customer on subscription, you can download in this section the latest version of: SolidCAM add-on to SolidWorks. SolidCAM CAD/CAM system. SolidCAM add-on to Inventor (InventorCAM) Click here for the the complete list of Subscription Advantages. Not registered? If you don’t have a Visual Studio Subscription, you can create one for free by clicking on “Create a new Microsoft account” on the login page. Visual Studio Professional ; Visual Studio Enterprise ; Visual Studio for Mac. Visual Studio Test Professional Build Tools for Visual Studio Visual Studio Team Explorer


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What is it you’re actually going to be doing and what are the results you expect to achieve? Determine the best. Comments from friends or verified profiles and Pages as well as comments with the most likes or replies will appear at the top by default.

In at least two experiments over the years, Facebook has explored what happens when it turns off its controversial news feed ranking system. Starting today, comments from people with a large following will appear higher on Facebook, and those with more interactions will be featured more prominently. Visit your Facebook profile or page.

Facebook has been ranking comments on posts and now they’re updating how What control do Pages and People have on comment ranks?. When someone posts something publicly on Facebook, all of the comments posted under that post. If you get a lot of comments on your public posts, Facebook tries to make things easy for you with the Comment Ranking setting.

Just over five percent! The algorithm is the culprit …. As of 16 May , the most comments on a Facebook item is 18,,, achieved by Guru Shri …. What are we lacking today in our digital conversations. This is more with public posts on Facebook from local news sites.

This way you can easily get good sources to comment on. Facebook comment ranking is ON by default for pages with the Highest number of followers. Ranking has four elements: the available inventory of stories; the signals, or data points that can inform ranking decisions; the predictions we make, including how likely we think you are to.

Thanks for watching! Please like , comment , share , and subscribe if you enjoy the content. Comment ranking leaves a positive impact on brand perception and demonstrates brand authority. It’s not just one algorithm though. Start a new Note and input text that could look like this: You can then.

Here is a list of all the badges available for Groups on Facebook in Admins — This badge lets group members know who is in charge of the group. No matter what your marketing goals are, Facebook needs to be a part of your. Facebook has given users to turn off comment ranking if they don’t want their comments filtered by Facebook. From General, click Comment Ranking. Facebook is introducing a “filter bar” for its News Feed that lets mobile users sort content by “most recent” or “favorites” — a selection of ….

Answer 1 of 16 : On each post, there is a timestamp at the lower right, usually after the number of comments and likes on the post. While those shares are still helpful, the impact is a bit less. The ratings themselves aren’t anything new — they have been located at the top of brand Pages for a while now — but. In a move to make conversations on public posts more meaningful, Facebook has rolled out an update where it will rank comments to promote those that are most relevant to users.

This means that you’re more likely to see the following at the top: Comments or reactions from your friends. To turn comment ranking on, click to check the box next to See most relevant comments What does a hidden comment on Facebook look like?. How do I change Comment settings on Facebook? Visit your Facebook Page and click on Settings at the top right. In these two cases, Facebook Comment Ranking is automatically activated.

I already have comment ranking turned on. The goal is to improve quality and offer users authentic comments. Such public platforms are always targets for hatred, bigotry, spam, irrelevant posts,. Comment Ranking helps you filter the most important comments by putting them in the most visible.

Quality Ranking: Explains how your ad quality compares to ads competing for the same audience. An example of some pieces currently selling on the Facebook Marketplace.

Fortunately, you can change who can comment on your public post. You can all Facebook comments from Men or Women. In this episode, Tim Walk and Danny Guerena discuss how a conversation is approached is as or maybe. In addition to ranking posts in News Feed, Facebook also ranks comments on posts to show people ones that are more relevant to them, in-turn ….

Earlier today, TechCrunch reported that some users are seeing a brand new feature on Facebook …. How to find comment ranking on Facebook?

Today, it will start ranking comments to promote those that are most relevant to users. Normally, when you see a listing of comments on a Facebook post that’s shown up in your News Feed, you’ll first see a comment from someone you ….

In a move to make conversations on public posts more meaningful, Facebook has rolled out an update where it will rank comments to promote. By default, Facebook shows the “Most Relevant” comments for posts on the page and profiles with many followers. Georgette opened her bag, made a few passes at her face as she looked in the little mirror, re-defined her lips with the lip-stick, and straightened her hat.

The goal is to improve quality and offer users authentic …. Now Facebook is introducing a new comment ranking system to attempt to tackle this problem.

Create statistics and reports and find out who performs …. When comment ranking is turned on, you can sort hidden comments on your profile. For more recent news about updates and changes to Facebook, read this article on new. As of , Facebook has Inventory is what Facebook calls all content on the platform. Facebook has updated its hate speech algorithm, reversing years of neutrality to prioritize anti-black comments while making anti-white slurs the lowest priority.

Another way of ranking comments on Facebook is through rates of their engagement. How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook. What is comment ranking on Facebook settings. If you want to make money selling clothing and shoes, you might turn to websites like Poshmark to start selling. HOW to enabled facebook comments,Fix in 3 mins! What is comment ranking on Facebook settings?. The other type of cast iron cook believes that the best seasoning method for cast iron is frequent use with a variety of oils, high heat, and a flat edged stainless steel spatula.

It is possible to use other vegetables instead of aubergine eggplant , as long as they be diced into a similar size and cooks fairly quickly to a soft texture. Understanding Facebook’s New Quality Ranking. If you would like Facebook to prioritize the display of the most relevant comments …. That test was abandoned after a few weeks. Today, it will start ranking comments to promote those that are most.

Answer: Comments are in order of post time. Service members have ranks based on years of service, training and education.

We’re making an update to improve comment ranking on public posts. Facebook is going one step further when it comes to the engagement triggers on the algorithm. Our approach to misinformation. Learn more about military ranks in all branches of the military.

The more replies or reactions a comment gets, the higher it’s ranking will be. Looking for some great new music that encapsulates everything from ‘s isolation and angst to its most beautiful moments? We’ve got you covered with this breakdown of the best songs of , each of which brings its own unique. From your Feed, click Pages in the left menu. Essentially, the best way to care for your cast iron skillet is to use it a lot.

How to use the Facebook Comment Picker app? Login with Facebook using the Facebook …. You will still be friends on Facebook with the person. Facebook also looks at the number of comments and how they interact with posts. This is a successful attempt in realising the dream of achieving a high ductility above the yield strength of 2 GPa.

In addition to the substantial improvement of tensile properties, this breakthrough steel has achieved the unprecedented yield strength of 2. The University of Hong Kong. Israel: New 3D technique for object-reconstruction Researchers have developed a technique that results in more accurate 3D scanning for reconstructing complex objects. The innovative method combines robotics and water.

By using a robotic arm to immerse an object at various angles, and measuring the volume displacement of each dip, each sequence is combined to create a volumetric shape representation of an object: employing fluid displacements as the shape sensor. Unlike optical sensors, the liquid has no line-of-sight requirements.

It penetrates cavities and hidden parts of the object, as well as transparent and glossy materials, thus bypassing all visibility and optical limitations of conventional scanning devices. This method is both safe and inexpensive. The system uses a small, rubbery robotic device which can be inserted into the water system through a fire hydrant. It then moves passively with the flow, logging its position as it goes, detecting even small pressure variations. The device is then retrieved and its data uploaded.

Water service is uninterrupted. The robot found a leak that was about one gallon per minute, which is one-tenth the minimum size that conventional detection methods can find on average.

The team is planning to make a more flexible, collapsible version that can quickly adapt itself to pipes of different diameters. USA: Flame-resistant, highstrength graphene Graphene usually degrades under high heat, but this composite made with nano-layers of a ceramic has flame-resistant properties. The composite combines nanolayers of a ceramic – aluminium oxide – with graphene.

Although both the ceramic and graphene are brittle, the new metamaterial has a honeycomb microstructure that provides super-elasticity and structural robustness. Its uses could include a flame retardant eg heat shield for aircraft , and devices that convert heat into electricity. It may be scaled up for industrial manufacturing Purdue University. USA: Preventing back stress with just a tap A team has combined biomechanics and advances in wearable tech to create a smart, mechanised undergarment which offloads stress on the lower back.

The device consists of light, comfortable fabric sections for the chest and legs which are connected by sturdy straps across the middle back, with natural rubber pieces at the lower back.

When activated by a double-tap, some of the forces travel through the elastic bands instead of back muscles. When the task is done, another double tap releases the straps. This device is not for treating those with existing back pain but focuses on prevention.

Vanderbilt University. The object is dipped in a bath of water by a robotic arm. The quality of the reconstruction improves as the number of dipping orientations is increased. A new system PipeGuard to inspect water or gas pipes, could provide a fast, inexpensive solution that can find even tiny leaks with pinpoint precision, no matter what the pipes are made of wood,.

Government officially kick-started the EV revolution in Qld. It will be a series of 18 fast-charging electric vehicle stations which will be rolled out at locations along the Queensland coast from the Gold Coast to Cairns to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in Qld.

The charging stations will be available for use at no cost for the initial phase of the super-highway. To combat this, materials called ultra-high temperature ceramics UHTCs are needed. Researchers have now designed and fabricated a new carbide coating that is 12 times better at withstanding temperatures up to deg.

What makes this coating unique, is its structural makeup and that it has been made using a process called reactive melt infiltration RMI , which dramatically reduces the time needed to make such materials.

The material has been reinforced with carbon— carbon composite, this makes it not only strong but extremely resistant to the usual surface degradation. Australia: Cleaning huge volumes of wastewater Researchers have developed a way to modify the atomic structure of iron to create a metal that can strip impurities from water in just a few minutes. This was done by changing the atomic structure of iron to form metallic glass.

A thin strip of this material can remove impurities such as dyes or heavy metals from even highly polluted water in just minutes -offering benefits compared to the current method of using iron powder.

Iron powder leaves a large amount of iron sludge that must be stored and it is expensive to produce and can only be used once. In contrast, the iron-based metallic glass can be reused up to 20 times, produces no waste and can be produced as cheaply a few dollars per kilogram. The breakthrough offers new applications in the mining, textile and other industries which produce large amounts of wastewater. Edith Cowan University.

USA: Tough, self-healing rubber Researchers have developed a new type of rubber that is as tough as natural rubber but can also self-heal. In order to make a rubber self-healable, the team needed to make the bonds connecting the polymers reversible, so that the bonds could break and reform.

To achieve this. These crazes redistribute the stress, so there is no localized point of stress. When the stress is released, the material snaps back to its original form and the crazes heal. Harvard – John A. Researchers at the Uni. At hypersonic speeds the temperatures hitting the aircraft can result in oxidation and ablation.

Mini autonomous police cars paired with companion drones and facial recognition technology will begin patrolling the streets of Dubai by the end of the year. Police can control the robot remotely from behind a computer dashboard. The vehicle also comes equipped with thermal imaging, and license plate readers. It is claimed the car and drone duo as the first of its kind. Washington Post. Light-based computing, which encodes data in photons rather than electrons, is a major area of research and this breakthrough could help usher in a new generation of super-fast light-based computers.

This heat is a limiting factor on the development of ever more powerful computers and telecommunication systems. This technology slows down the optical data to a velocity five orders of magnitude slower, allowing for the data to be briefly stored and managed inside the chip for processing, retrieval and further transmission as light waves. Zelik is Principal Investigator on a project which has developed a smart undergarment to help reduce muscle fatigue and lower back pain.

From its distribution hub in Melbourne, ePOL ships products nationally, free into your store. The path that ePOL has taken is a low-cost, no-frills model, with a one-off distribution hub that helps ePOL ensure it maintains a low cost-base that in turn results in better priced products.

Although ePOL operates on a low-cost model, it employs a premium-service freight service, confirming orders via email and provides a live trackand-trace function for shipping. The team at ePOL regard these freight services as important as the stock that it holds. For those who prefer the more conventional method of speaking direct with a salesperson, the team at ePOL are happy to attend to all requirements.

German RepRap has introduced its innovative X v4 fused filament fabrication FFF 3D printer for additive manufacturing of large objects as well as for limited industrial-grade production runs. High-end components, including milled metal parts and drives with tight tolerances, provide for high repeat accuracy in an industrial-grade machine. Many new features, such as automatic bed leveling and a commercial-grade ventilation design are standard in the X v4. The automatic bed-leveling feature means the print bed needs to be calibrated only once, eliminating time-consuming adjustments before each print job.

The new ventilation design ensures consistent operating temperatures throughout each job, which, in turn, improves process safety.

Several dedicated fans in the printer maintain temperatures in the extruder, around the printed object as well as in the print area. This also improves the processing of materials such as PVA polyvinyl alcohol. Another new feature is the filament tracking system, which automatically pauses the active print job when the filament runs out.

In addition, the X v4 senses variances in extrusion speed that are invisible to the naked eye, and it automatically reacts to secure the printing process and prevent print job cancellation. In addition, separate parameters can be set for printing different parts of a single object. The electronics used in the printer are also designed for exacting industrial users. The new X v4 features an integrated industrialgrade computer and can be controlled via touch screen and a USB interface standalone printing.

The printer connects to the internet via Ethernet and is controlled through a web browser. The extruder can be fitted with different nozzles to adjust for various applications and materials to be used.

Contact pressure is variable, as well, to facilitate the processing of softer materials. The printer comes with a licensed copy of the Simplify3D software, which contains all the features required for manufacturing industrialgrade objects. Individual parameter settings, adjustable to object geometry, allow for full control over the printing process.

The software enables the use of dual extruders for printing a variety. The new product has proven its reliability in continuous operation. Customers can also opt for a maintenance contract and on-site service by trained technicians. The global network of German RepRap partners assures reliable service and a point of contact for each customer.

A firm grip on progress — PrimeTurning Sandvik Coromant has unveiled a new range of CoroTurn Prime multi-task and axial type toolholders to help machine shops implement the new PrimeTurning methodology, which enables turning in all directions.

The introductions allow users to maximise the benefits of PrimeTurning on multi-task turn-mill centres and vertical turning lathes VTLs. One of the highlights of the range is the CoroTurn Prime Twin toolholder for multi-task machines. Both CoroTurn Prime A- and B-type inserts can be mounted together on Twin toolholders, allowing manufacturers to undertake roughing with a B-type insert before switching to finishing with an A-type insert, for example.

When the machine cuts using its B-axis, a lot of accessibility is created using neutral holders. In combination with streamlined operations, this delivers the potential for huge time saving and productivity increases to help manufacturers reduce tooling inventories and achieve competitive gains. Six new multi-task toolholders are being introduced, which are mounted at a degree angle for B-axis machining and can be used with either CoroTurn Prime A-type or B-type inserts.

Options for multi-task machines include four toolholders one-insert only and two Twin toolholders two inserts. A range of axial toolholders for vertical turning lathes is also part of the range, which means that Sandvik Coromant now has a complete offer for PrimeTurning: axial, radial and multi-task toolholders.

In total, eight dedicated toolholders for axial mounting are being launched. This type of toolholder is compatible with most types of vertical lathes, and is available in Coromant Capto for use with either CoroTurn Prime A-type or B-type inserts. Although PrimeTurning is applicable to the entire general turning area, machine shops with large batch sizes automotive are set to benefit most, as will those machining large components aerospace , where there is a need to reduce tool changes, set-up time and production stops.

Ultimately, the all-directional PrimeTurning method and CoroTurn Prime tools will ensure that manufacturers can complete their turning operations in a much more efficient way. The new SOD05 cutter, developed under the Pramet brand, reduces tool change-over time and inventory costs with its universal pocket capable of carrying octagonal, round and square inserts.

It means that the user-friendly cutter, available in a wide range of diameters from 32mm to mm, can perform face milling, shoulder milling, slotting, plunging and ramping in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous materials. The OD insert has eight cutting edges and low cutting forces, promoting an economical option for face milling, while the RD inserts are suitable for high feed roughing, shallow profiling and ramping.

Its SD inserts have four cutting edges and offers a degree option for square shoulder milling, providing high depths of cut up to 10mm. All types of inserts have the same radial and axial positions of edges — allowing for easier CNC programming and manual operations. Meanwhile, Dormer Pramet has announced a new range of small diameter cutters 12mm to 40mm to offer further economical milling options. The cutters, which have a high number of teeth to improve productivity, are ideally suited for turn-milling.

To support this new cutter, a range of economical SOMT 05 inserts have been developed. With four cutting edges for general machining, the single sided inserts offer depth of cut up to 4. The inserts feature a sharp geometry with narrow positive T-land and support shoulder milling, face milling, shallow slot milling and plunging in steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

Air-cooling of rotary screw compressors can be significantly more cost-effective than water-cooling. This advantage is now available for drive powers over kW with the new FSD series. A radial fan draws in ambient air directly through the cooler without being prewarmed to ensure optimum cooling.

FSD compressors can therefore be used in ambient temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius. All FSD models are also optionally available as water-cooled versions. The filter cartridges themselves feature a metal-free design and are suitable for thermal disposal at the end of their service life without additional pre-treatment.

As with all Kaeser compressors, the new FSD series is service friendly, with excellent accessibility to maintenance components, reduced operating costs and increased availability.

In every model, the thermostat-controlled radial fan for fluid cooling helps achieve further energy savings. ETM regulates oil temperature to ensure a safe and consistent differential from the dew point temperature, thereby avoiding unnecessarily high compressed air discharge temperatures and leading to additional energy savings. With the heat recovery option, a second ETM system assures optimised and even more efficient usage of the available heat energy.

This optimised efficiency stems from newly refined screw compressor blocks equipped with high efficiency and flow optimised Sigma Profile rotors. Furthermore, the screw compressor block is directly driven by an energy-saving IE4 super premium efficiency motor that operates at a low speed of 1,rpm. Direct drive not only eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear drive, but also reduces energy consumption, maintenance requirement and sounds levels. The Sigma Control 2 compressor controller provides additional energy savings, reduced maintenance requirement, as well as improved operational reliability and compressor availability by dynamically adjusting the flow rate to match actual compressed air demand.

The large display makes it easy to view key information. Including RFID technology assures safety of data and login, so service work and system changes can only be performed by authorised personnel. Energy saving control modes, variable interfaces for communication with centralised control systems, and an SD card for update and backup are just some features available on the Sigma Control 2. Depending on the version, this powerful controller can simultaneously monitor and co-ordinate operation of up to 16 compressors and treatment components with optimum efficiency.

The FSD. They are available as a standard machine fixed speed machine or with Sigma Frequency Control. By Carole Goldsmith. The Department of Industry, Innovation and Sciences states that the Industry Growth Centre Initiative enables national action on key issues such as collaboration, commercialisation, international engagement, skills and regulation reform.

Alongside medical technologies and pharmaceuticals MTP , the other five industry growth centres operated in: advanced manufacturing; cyber security; food and agribusiness; mining equipment, technology and services; and oil, gas and energy resources. She will also lead a MedTech mission to Israel in May next year. The projects funded in are exciting collaborative efforts in which universities, hospitals, research organisations, businesses and industry bodies are working together for successful outcomes.

This Centre will utilise 3D digital scanning, modelling and advanced manufacturing technologies to develop ears for children with microtia. MacLeman advises that MTPConnect is currently reviewing the second round of expressions of interest for collaborative, industryled projects through the dollar-for-dollar matched Project Fund Program, with recipients to be announced at the AusBiotech Conference in Adelaide in late October. Further details on the life sciences sector, funding, events and workshops, can be found on the MTPConnect website.

What we need to do is transfer this knowledge to product commercialisation. Continued next page. Medical Developments International — Taking on the world Victorian pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturer Medical Developments International MDI is already taking the world by storm, selling its products in 30 countries. Penthrox, available only by prescription, is a non-opiate, non-addictive and does not depress the airways. Also, it does not trigger the dopamine receptor prominent in the vertebrate central nervous system , so there is no accumulate high.

Sharman explains that some components are imported from global suppliers, with all MDI products manufactured in Australia.

Taylor Surgical uses a range of state-of-the-art manufaturing technology at its Knoxfield factory. We want to continue manufacturing in Australia. Our plans are to be a billion-dollar global company. The company also custom-manufactures operating table accessories for Australian hospitals and surgeries. In partnership with a major USA instrument repair organisation Medical Optics – Taylor Surgical also provides an endoscope and instrument repair service for Australian and international hospitals.

According to Caroline, her brother is very customer-focussed and the repair work sometimes leads to custom-manufacturing projects. He discusses the electro-surgical handpieces that his company custom-manufactures. Among these are the monopolar and bipolar forceps, monopolar electrodes and cords, mainly used for cutting and coagulation during electro-surgery.

On a factory walkthrough, Tim is custom-manufacturing steel and aluminium operating table components using an Okuma ACE. Centre MB56VA vertical machining centre. Among these are patient-positioning systems, clamping devices and electro surgical instrumentation.

Melbourne medical devices company Anatomics also asked us to custom manufacture a set of spinal tubes and forceps for spinal procedures. You have the audit, and pass, or you run the risk of losing your certification and ultimately are unable to manufacture medical devices.

Secondly, we hope to expand and service the non-healthcare businesses, especially those that have highly specified, quality short-run products and prototypes. Advancing healthcare with 3D printing The benefits of 3D printing within the medical industry include better clinical outcomes for patients as well as improved economics. Additive manufacturing applications within the medical industry are diverse.

The technology enables quick, cost-effective development of new devices, and customised end-use products that improve the delivery and results of patient care. Rapid prototyping and product development The ability to quickly create new products and speed the development cycle is a hallmark of 3D printing, achieved by replacing, where appropriate, time-consuming and costly traditional manufacturing methods.

It gives designers and engineers tools to quickly create and iterate designs and reduce time to market. Functional prototypes using high-performance materials allow designers to test designs in verification and validation protocols earlier in the design process. Gaining feedback early helps designers identify areas for improvement, resulting in devices that can better contribute to positive outcomes. Biorep, a manufacturer of devices aimed at finding a cure for diabetes, had traditionally used machine shops or service bureaus to quickly prototype small parts.

However, an increase in manufacturing volume created the need to bring this capability in-house. Part accuracy and surface finish were key design parameters, leading Biorep to choose a mid-sized PolyJet model, which enabled in-house prototyping in an easy-to-use 3D printer with a small footprint. Quickly creating low-cost prototypes helped Biorep engineers gain management support for a novel pinch valve design, and to thoroughly test it, avoiding costly delays.

Rapid prototyping also lets designers quickly gather physician feedback on part design. Within hours, the designer can digitally iterate the design based on physician input and print the revised part for evaluation. The fast feedback loop accelerates development. Anatomical models Historically, clinical training, education and device testing have relied on animal models, human cadavers or mannequins for hands-on experience in a clinical simulation — all options with various deficiencies.

When it comes to individual patient care, presurgical analysis and planning using computed tomography CT and magnetic resonance imaging MRI scans remain limited to 2D screen images. The advent of 3D printing — especially in multiple materials, colours and textures — offers new possibilities in training, device testing and execution of surgical procedures.

They can be designed based on actual patient anatomy to capture the complexity and realism of treating the human body. Models can be stored digitally to allow production as needed, and can be used in an office without special environmental controls.

Researchers at The Jacobs Institute use this vascular model to develop and test the next generation of neurovascular devices. The models provide clearer perspectives and better visualisation, allowing more accurate treatment. CBMTI printed a human skull section that replicated bone and tissues encountered during a brain tumour operation, which entails cutting the skin, opening the bone, cutting the brain lining and removing the tumour.

This technology lets CBMTI provide researchers and medical instructors training models with accuracy, realism and tactile feedback consistent with human physiology.

Realistic texture and form also make 3D printed anatomical models effective tools for testing medical devices. Researchers used a model to validate the Covidien Solitaire Flow Restoration stent retriever, comparing its performance with conventional catheters, and ultimately demonstrating its higher success rate of neurovascular recanalisation. Patient-specific surgical guides When it comes to the precision needed during joint replacement or to repair bone deformities, scanning technology has limitations.

Doctors must still rely on scan images and experience, as well as generic surgical guides, to accurately place hardware for bone repair. This makes placement of restorative treatments more precise, improving post-operative results. Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan uses PolyJet multi-material technology to produce anatomical models for surgical preparation and medical training.

According to Dr Maki Sugimoto, associated professor at Kobe, multicolour, multi-material bio-models help surgeons uncover tissues and blood vessels that may be blocked by larger organs in the 2D scans. Surgeons can examine models from different perspectives and. In addition, the economics of 3D printing are ideal for low-volume and custom production, meaning cost often drops even while effectiveness increases.

The outcome is reduced risk of post-surgical complications like bleeding and infection. According to Professor Kwok-sui Leung of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 3D printing allows in-depth assessment and presurgical rehearsal, resulting in implants fitted more accurately to the curvature of the bone.

On average, operation time was reduced by an hour when incorporating 3D printed parts in the pre-surgical process. FDM also benefits this application with materials such as PC-ISO, a biocompatible thermoplastic in its raw state that can be sterilised using ethylene oxide EtO or gamma radiation. Surgical guides, derived from patient scans to precisely match their anatomy and made from PC-ISO, are compatible with human tissue for shortterm contact.

End-use parts for clinical trials Reducing the time to bring a medical device concept to the clinical trial stage has positive ramifications throughout the medical supply chain. Producers reduce cost and get products to market faster, and patients benefit from new devices sooner. One obstacle is the time and cost to manufacture the product and revise it sufficiently to reach the right design.

Lead times to create tooling, whether inhouse or outsourced, can be lengthy and expensive. Additive manufacturing can drastically shorten development. Concepts can be produced overnight, validated or quickly revised as needed, and be ready for clinical use without the need to implement the full design and manufacturing process.

Manufacturers can use additively manufactured parts to support clinical trials or early commercialisation while the final design is still in flux. Ivivi Health Sciences in San Francisco, US, develops non-invasive, electrotherapy devices to accelerate patient recovery, and needed consistent production of devices in small quantities for clinical trials.

However, the necessary planning and product development typically took months. Ivivi also outsourced manufacturing, and design adjustments were common prior to finalising the design. To streamline the development cycle, Ivivi turned to 3D printing, choosing a PolyJet system to satisfy the need for parts with a very smooth surface finish and sufficient durability. Using this technology, Ivivi could quickly create devices and deliver them to trial participants. The adoption of 3D printing provided Ivivi with a return on investment in less than one year, and enhanced its capacity to develop new prototypes and quickly modify devices.

Albert Manero is a PhD student in mechanical engineering at the University of Central Florida and Executive Director of Limbitless Solutions, an organisation with the goal of developing bionic replacement limbs for a lower cost. One beneficiary of its efforts was six-year-old Alex Pring, a boy born without a lower right arm. Limbitless Solutions designed and produced a low-cost bionic lower arm and hand for Alex. As Alex grows, new arms can be made without the normal financial burden for this type of ongoing care.

FDM also helped Emma Lavelle, who was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenital AMC , a joint condition that limits her ability to move her arms. WREX devices attached to a wheelchair had been made for children as young as six, but Emma was only two and able to walk.

Laboratory and manufacturing tools A more conventional application of 3D printing involves the creation of tooling, fixtures and other equipment that lets labs and medical device manufacturers work faster and reduce costs. They can also be stored digitally, eliminating the need for physical storage. Hospitals and clinics benefit by making custom surgical trays for specific needs, and with FDM materials such as ULTEM resin, these can be sterilised using a steam autoclave process.

A 3D printer is indispensable for the DeRisi Lab of the University of California San Francisco, which makes custom pipet racks, gel combs and other small parts. The lab even benefits from printing parts already available from medical suppliers. Conclusion Additive manufacturing offers new possibilities for both medical device developers and health care providers by circumventing traditional manufacturing methods, replacing them with faster, less costly technology, suitable for customisation.

Stratasys FDM and PolyJet technologies from Objective3D give medical device developers the tools to reduce product development costs and time to market. This is not technology to come; it has already been adopted in the medical industry as an essential means of improving the economics and outcomes of healthcare. The town of Tuttlingen in particular continues to enjoy respect as a global centre for medical instruments, making a name for itself in the production of medical devices as early as the 19th century.

One category of such instruments deals with traumatology — specifically, products for the treatment of bone fractures such as bone nails and screws. When fractures occur in hip joints and in the upper and lower extremities, bone screws may be used to compress the fragments and lock implanted intramedullary nails. These nails usually have two transverse bores, via which the nail is secured against dislocation with two screws.

Why do bone screws require deep drilling? When a bone fracture has to be fixed with plates, nails, or screws, a so-called guide wire is positioned in the bone at the point in question.

This wire is used to push the bone screw with the deep bore, guiding it safely to the bone so that orientation of the fracture compression can be precisely ensured by screwing in the screws. TIBO Tiefbohrtechnik, based in the nearby town of Pfullingen, established itself in the high-precision deep-drilling machine market years ago and is familiar with the high standards of quality in the medical instruments industry. At TIBO, the modular design essentially means that each deep-drilling machine is tailor-made, just like a tailored suit.

Because TIBO has delivered deep-drilling machines for other applications for this client in the past, it was clear TIBO would be a competent partner for the bone screws that were to be planned, offering a packaged solution with machines that could fit into compact on-site spaces. In addition, the client expressed the desire for workpieces to be loaded and unloaded automatically so the system could be operated unmanned.

The framework conditions were a bore diameter of 2. Solid carbide drills were used, in which the drill head and drill shaft are manufactured from a carbide blank. The clamping sleeves that are soldered to the drill shaft transfer the torque from the machine to the tool. A high concentricity between the drill shaft and the clamping sleeve reduces additional vibrations and improves cutting capacity and process safety. Deep drilling is the last machining level in the manufacturing process so the bone screws already have their outer geometry.

Consequently, workpiece machining and sealing of filigree screw threads and screw heads that have already been slitted are given special attention. The process therefore returns reliable results with steplessly variable tensioning forces, coolant pressures of more than bar, and solid carbide tools.

As early as the bidding phase, TIBO designers came up with a compelling tensioning concept. Intensive communication with the customer and detailed analysis of the numerous workpiece drawings were extremely important for the design of loading and unloading automation processes, and for the necessary clamping equipment in the deep-drilling stations.

Many of these are small and medium enterprises SMEs , which can struggle to make the expensive, time consuming transition from prototype to clinically tested product. M2 aims to close this gap for Australian businesses, providing a research ecosystem to transition new discoveries from the bench to prototyping, pre-clinical testing, industry evaluation and commercialisation.

Professor Yi led the development team that created the device, which measures ketones — chemicals produced in our liver when other forms of energy called energy substrates are not available, such as glucose. For type 1 diabetes patients, elevated ketone levels can be life-threatening. As well as making society healthier through her biomedical research, Professor Yi is working to make Australia a safer place to live through innovative engineering work with the Department of Defence.

This year, the list comprised 30 Australian engineers. Queensland University of Technology QUT is spearheading the development of a new class of medical robotics that can see soft tissue, to make keyhole surgeries simpler, safer and cheaper.

Project leader and renowned orthopaedic surgeon Professor Ross Crawford said the new robotic imaging system will allow surgeons for the first time to track the position of soft tissue in real time and in 3D. We expect the rate of unintended injury during surgery will drop significantly and the training process for surgeons to be faster and safer. This will give the surgeon an accurate, real-time 3D model of the surgical site, and one that tracks the position of soft tissue like tendons and ligaments as well as bone and medical tools.

Seeing is believing, visit our website to see PrimeTurning in action: www. Manufacturing companies in Australia are finding niches in the medical technologies sector as their traditional markets diminish, and South Australia is rapidly emerging as a key hub. With the exit of mining and automotive component manufacturers from Australia, industry and government support have helped some firms evolve their advanced manufacturing skills and enter the medical technology market.

Other information includes an admin spawn command generator, blueprint,. You will continue to get mutations that will be born on the Matrilineal side, but will switch to the Patrilineal side when you breed it with your base level females.

Rock Drake spawns with vast variety of color regions in the Wild, currently making them one of the two dinos with the most varying color spawns. Wild: Draconis Obscurum is a magnificent example of a predator that has flawlessly adapted to its environment. To summon it, go to its lair located by the blue obelisk.

You are now ‘cheating’ the mutation system. Do rock Drakes spawn on Crystal Isles? They spawn on floating islands in crystal isles!. So, they don’t really fit in this calculator. The Rock Drake Egg takes 6h 14m It is a tek device that can allow anything to breed. The ark wiki will tell you what is tamable, rideable, and breedable. Originally posted by Mobkillz: My rock drakes are not mating or breeding. Newborn creatures are simply claimed imprinted on and do not require the usual taming processes.

Some, in an attempt to become elemental instead became Cursed. Rock drake breeding : playark. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. The egg will require some time to breed in between all those ac systems, but the baby needs food when it hatches, so make sure to spend this.

Encountering – Drake Cave is hidden in one of the purple forests in Asgard, beware of radiation! It has worked for everything I have tried. ULA y la voluntad de los wisp.

If it refuses to eat initially, …. After you have it and you have the sufficient level required to capture the Drake, head down towards the bottom of the map. There are mods to make most creatures breedable. Be sure to share this ARK:. How is one supposed to spend every hours feeding a rock drake till it matured. Leviathan Dec 20, pm. This is on the other side of two waterfalls. At this stage of the game, we should be allowed to breed Wyverns and Rock Drakes. Quick Guide to. Venom restores food so the math is very easy.

Base is on the beach near the obelisk. They are very aggressive and will relentlessly chase down their prey until they can. The spawn command for Rock Drake in Ark is below. In this guide, we will provide you with the best places to find and steal Rock Drake eggs in Ark Fjordur as well as the best way to do it. Post author: Post published: February 13, ; Post category: Uncategorized; ….

Can rock Drakes breed ? Drakes will be breedable on Aberration …. Are you able to breed rock drakes now? Just got back into ark and am hearing conflicting things. A flying creature that resembles the modern day snowy owl but is much larger than an average human. Crumplecorn commented on Jul 4, If you wanna raise a baby rock Drake and you don’t have. The Rock Drake is an aggressive carnivore in Ark: Survival Evolved that can be found in radioactive and bio-luminescent parts of the map.

Find a nest, and grab the egg, doing this will make ALL of the drakes in the cave aggro on you, so back into a corner with the spino and fight them off Or sprint out as fast as you can 9. Be sure to share this ARK: Pinterest. Breeding is a feature of ARK: Survival Evolved that allows players to breed improved creatures through Eggs with non-mammals and gestation with mammals. In this location, there is a noticeable. Mobkillz Dec 20, pm. Do not add section headers or other elements that depend on page flow.

There may be some discrepancies between this text and the in-game creature. The ark wiki will tell you what is …. It is surrounded by cavern walls, so it developed powerful claws with which to scale them and colorful plumage on its anterior limbs that let it glide from perch to perch. Adds an optional griffin spawner. The so-called mutation is a “rare color” for Rock Drake, because you mostly find Green, Brown and Blue drakes wandering around, or hatched from eggs.

The Rock Drake begins to camouflage itself and its rider, making it harder for enemies to see them and making them completely invisible to wild creatures.

A baby eats food an hour easy to test in game. To ensure the buff is properly applied make sure you either cryopod or upload any existing. They are fully grown and yes there is a pink heart icon showing above their heads but when I try to breed them nothing happens they wouldn’t breed …. Click the “Copy” button to swiftly copy the spawn code to your clipboard. The drake can be used for stealing Wyvern eggs under invisibility mode, and to escape in a pinch.


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