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Avengers alert! Fans of the smas arcade hit, Captain America and the Avengers, should dive instantly into Data East’s Genesis version. Although scaled down, the home version features the same characters, hot action, cool graphics, and fast game play as its arcade big brother. If you like comics and you love action gaming, this game’s for you! Captain America’s archvillain, the Red Skull, has gotten his hands on a powerful device that enables him to exert total mind-control over all other supervillains.

As Villain Supreme, the Red Skull is on a one-way express to world domination. In the superhero biz, the fate of the world is always at stake!

Each hero has specific superpowers that you can command. Captain America throws a self-returning indestructible shield. Both Vision and Iron Man fly and shoot lasers. Hawkeye is always on target with his souped-up arrows. Every hero also starts with life units. Lose all your life units, and you can restart as any one of the other heroes until you run out of continues. Regular robot sentries do you little damage, but Bosses can sap it away in seconds.

Fortunately, Quicksilver a fellow Avenger randomly drops by with extra life units, and the Wasp, another compatriot, appears and adds to your firepower during critical moments. Go solo or team up with a friend to take on all five side-scrolling , action-packed levels of this game.

Each level features hordes of evil robots and henchmen, plus famous comic book supervillain bosses, such as Ultron, the Living Laser, Klaw, Mandarin, and Juggernaut. Comic books fans will be thrilled that both villains and heroes look, fight, and have the exact same superpowers as they do in the comics.

Plus, unlike most action games, this game offers not one but several bosses for each level! Who says we’re in a recession? The five levels of this game transport you throughout a myriad of locales. Start off entrenched within the city streets, where you hurl bricks and garbage cans as weapons.

Next, reel in underwater combat as you chase the Red Skull through the depths of the ocean. There, blast off into outer space for an interstellar dogfight leading to an attack on the Red Skull’s orbitting space headquarters. However, defeating the Red Skull is only half the victory.

Finally, you must face Mecha Red Skull, a cyborg monstrosity built by the Red Skull to ensure revenge if he were ever defeated. Captain America and the Avengers is really several games in one.

Standard side-scrolling hand-to-hand combat is par for the city streets and within the Red Skull’s hideout. The game converts into a shooter as the heroes fly through the underwater and outer space levels, dodging and blasting enemies as effectively as any spaceship.

Since you can’t shoot backwards, stay in the middle of the screen in order to dodge projectiles from either direction. Captain America and the Avengers is a comic book adventure come to life. It’s evident that great care was taken to ensure that all characters are true to their comic book origins. The bright, colorful, detailed graphics capture the excitement and energy of their four-color printed adventures.

The digitized heroic speech, sound effects, and soundtrack effectively mimic the macho dialogue, explosions, and tone of the comics. Captain America is surefire action entertainment for both comic and non-comic book fans alike. The difficulty selects feature, and combination of both fighting and shooter action guarantees its wide-range appeal. Enlist today for action and adventure with the Avengers!

Make way for Captain America and the Avengers! This Data East game actually just features Cap celebrating his 50th anniversary this year and a few of his Avengers buddies, but they’ve got some serious superheroin’ to do! The title and the box art are slightly deceiving since it depicts Cap alongside Iron Man, Hawkeye, and the Vision. This one-player game allows you to alternate between playing either Captain America with his indestructible shield, or Hawkeye, armed with his bow and explosive arrows.

Each hero must be played individually, but you may alternate between them at any time. Of course, one of you can play the villains, too. Whoever wins three out of five rounds is crowned the champ!

This mode is ideal for studying the strengths and weaknesses of all the characters before you play the actual game. It’s unfortunate that regular game-play isn’t also two-player interactive. Hawkeye stands the best chance against flying enemies, because he can shoot vertically while Cap can only throw his shield horizontally.

Cap and Hawkeye must successfully travel through 20 U. A large Map Screen charts both heroes’ status and their progress. Fire Man is only vulnerable when his flames are out, and the only way to destroy Dynamite Napalm is to burst the oil drums in his hands just before he throws them at you. Valuable power-ups and special items aid our heroes. Snag Power Stones to make Cap’s shield doubly lethal, and collect Power Stones to make Hawk’s arrows explode on impact.

Floating Energy Pods replenish your life meters. Rescue Pods free you if you’re captured. And most importantly — Key Crystals open the Exit onto the next level. Since there is no time limit, your first priority in the early levels is to take time to load up on Power Stones and 1-Ups in preparation for the subsequent levels. The best indicator of a potentially successful licensed product is that it remains true to its source.

It’s clobberin’ time, Marvel Comics fans! All the heroes and supervillain bosses look like and have the same powers as their comic book counterparts. The action onscreen perfectly captures the spirit and fun of wham-bam-pow comic book fight scenes. Cap and Hawkeye can perform a variety of moves for any situation.

Captain America and the Avengers is a solid, action-packed game sure to please gamers and comic book fans alike. Nuff said! Everyone’s favorite comic book hero is now a video game. Captain America is here and he is better than ever! You control Captain America on a mission to stop The Mandarin and his reign of terror. With many offensive weapons to use, such as your shield and your punches you bravely take on the enemy. A very nice feature is the ability to have a two-player simultaneous battle with a friend!

Captain America should make it to the stores this Spring. Comic book cartridges are becoming a popular video game trend. Battle the forces of Red Skull through tough stages of superhero combat. Together, they will face relentless hordes of the evil Red Skull’s trained assassins!

The action scenes take place in the vacuum of space, serine parks and busy cities. It’s up to you to defend the planet from becoming Red Skull’s next playland. Comic books like Spider-Man and Captain America can make exciting video games if they have adequate game play. Sadly, Captain America is a forgettable scroller. The characters are similar, but each has different firing and jumping abilities. The control is comparable to other shooters.

Unfortunately, the game is nondescript. The animation and sound are mediocre and don’t push the hardware. As far as game play, you’re gonna get plastered, so just dive into the action, and bully your way through the enemies. Overall, Captain America is not very innovative or exciting. This superhero isn’t even a super-near-o. What happened here? The Genesis version, which is almost identical content-wise , runs circles around this one!

The control is bad, making it almost impossible to defeat some enemies. The Red Skull is trying to take over the entire planet. He has developed a mind control device that will place people under his control. It is up to Captain America and the Avengers to stop him. The levels are side-scrolling with a couple of shooter levels in between.

There is no difference between the characters except the way they look. You can punch, kick or throw your shield, arrows, etc. The levels move smoothly and make for an extremely intense game. Remember, if you don’t beat the Red Skull, all humanity is doomed to become mindless zombies. Trouble in the land of Superheroes.

Working incognito and calling himself “The Mandarin,” Red Skull one of the ultimate Superhero foes has hatched a plan to take over America. Iron Man and Vision have already fallen victim to Mandarin’s efforts; it’s now up to Captain America and Hawkeye to liberate their super-buddies and thwart Mandarin’s plans.

Captain America, brandishing his mighty shield, and Hawkeye with his trusty arrows face mote than 20 levels of grueling battle scenes in this Superhero-soiree’. What’s more there’s an abundance of hidden levels to explore, and, depending which path you choose, there are also multiple ways in which to solve the game.


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