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Moreover, RAM is much faster than virtual memory on a hard disk drive.


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Getting Your App on the Web One of the most useful features in Access is the ease of pushing out a database to the Web for sharing with others. Before publishing, run the Compatibility Checker. It will tell you what you need to do to make your application compatible with the Web.

The checker can steer you in the right direction, showing you what you need to fix or change to make it work. Hide the Navigation Pane You may not only want to hide ribbons and toolbars, but also the navigation pane that lets you browse all database objects. Under Navigation , clear the checkmark next to Display Navigation Pane. From the Navigation Pane as shown above , right click on the report you want to share and click Export.

Users are given the option to create this button whenever an export task is created. From the menu system, it takes about 5 clicks to get it done as can be seen in the screen shot below. This is one of those good candidates for the Quick Access toolbar, which turns it into a single click. To add an image to the gallery, go to the form or report you want the image to appear in and switch to Design View.

Click on Insert Image from the Controls group in the Ribbon and browse your folders for the image. Then select the image and then click on the form or report to add it. Doing so also adds the image to the Image Gallery as well as to the current form or report, so that it will be available for use across all reports and forms.

Smart Tags are a great way to add additional information in a database that would usually require a lookup on the Web. For instance, we can add a Smart Tag to a form populated with a list of company names. This tag will pull up the stock ticker symbol and other financial information about that company. Smart Tags can also be used to schedule meetings, add contacts to instant messaging, and enable a slew of other conveniences all from within an Access database.

To add a Smart Tag, go into the Design View of the form, report, or data access page. Right-click on the field you want to add the tag to and click on Properties. The Web Browser Control is a cool way to place Web data onto forms in your database application. To add a Web browser control, open up a form in Design View. From the Controls grouping of icons on the Ribbon, select the Web Browser Control icon as shown below.

Click the area on the form where you want to add the control. Here we created a link to Google Maps on a list of suppliers, to quickly look up their locations. Microsoft offers some solid additional information on working with Web Browser controls. Intellisense is now available while creating queries. Auto-complete will assist you in getting table and column names correct.

For example, if you start typing your table. Functions are also exposed in the Intellisense auto-complete list. In Access , your functions are exposed with Intellisense from the criteria row, as shown in the screen shot below.

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