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Please enter new credentials. Back up your drivers and programs to preserve them, then uninstall the current graphics driver and let Windows switch to its default one. Learn how to setup your new HP computer, activate and use Windows This means deleting old files and uninstalling software you no longer need. Security vendor Qualys says two of these weaknesses can be exploited remotely without any authentication or user interaction. The issue affects how the domain controller manages the mapping of certificates to machine accounts.

How to Fix Windows 10 Update if it Freezes or Becomes Stuck – Step 2: Delete Files in Software Distribution


Image for Representation. Microsoft’s problems with rolling out a perfect, stable and bug-free Windows 10 update look set to continue. After the reasonably appreciated Windows 10 May update or Windows 10 update was rolled out and downloaded by millions, posts have surfaced on Reddit complaining of random system crashes, freezes and reboots occurring on isolated systems.

The issue, which has not seen a response from Microsoft yet, remains somewhat mysterious. For reference, there have been no confirmed patterns that have so far linked the crashes and reboots to a particular batch of cumulative updates or Windows version, and it is also not clear whether the same might be linked to any specific or unique driver that the complaining users may have in common. It has also come to light that many users are receiving an error message, with error code 0x, when attempting to install the Microsoft cumulative updates for Windows 10 for August The update, bearing code KB, is reportedly failing to install in some PCs that have installed the May Windows 10 update.

While Microsoft has acknowledged the issue four days ago, it is yet to issue a fix for the same. It is also yet to notify users whether the issue of PCs randomly crashing and rebooting is owing to one of its latest cumulative updates, and what might be a solution to it.

Ironically, one of Microsoft’s newest features in the Windows 10 May update is a roll-backer, which will roll back the version of Windows to a stable, working one, if a particular bug causes a system to completely freeze from booting, and hence, manual recovery.

While such a feature is indeed crucial given the frequency of problems that Microsoft is facing with its updates recently, it remains to be seen what eventual step does Microsoft take in order to get beyond these roadblocks.

Also called the Windows 10 update, myriad posts on Reddit hint at an as-yet-unaddressed issue where the updated version of Windows is randomly freezing and rebooting, without warning. Tags delay windows 10 updates fix windows 10 update issues install windows 10 may update may update may update microsoft Microsoft Windows Microsoft Windows 10 new windows update glitches no start menu stop windows update version Windows windows 10 windows 10 windows 10 update windows 10 19h1 windows 10 april update windows 10 may windows 10 may update windows 10 may update features windows 10 may update new features windows 10 may update review windows 10 may update upgrade windows 10 may update windows 10 may update bugs Windows 10 Update windows 10 update Windows 10 updates windows 10 version windows windows update Windows 8 windows sandbox Windows Update windows update windows updates.


Windows 10 update august 2019 freezes free download. Is your Windows 10 update slow? Here’s what to do


Does anybody have a fix that actually works???? Microsoft changed my icons to have little clouds in the left hand corner breaking ALL the links to my icons. Gee thanks Windows—I want my icons back!!!! Caused me to lose file. Seriously—if windows is going to force an update—then it needs to be flawless in determining if the computer is working already! So frustrating. My pc is so slow to boot up and then freezes up between applications and I get the windows not responding and the rotating blue circle forever it seems.

If updates are this problematical, give us the option to not install it. I tried to boot windows from a usb key boot loader, but no luck. Any ideas what to do to get my computer working again?

My lenovo is literally jumpy! OMG I try to click on anything and it opens up a different window! My PC has almost completely frozen. Everything keeps freezing up over the past few weeks! Nothing helps. Since the Sunday November 15th update my HP laptop is useless. All of my settings are gone. I thought my files were, too. I really panicked and had to look hard for them. They have been relocated. I personalize my screen and the next day it has reverted to a classic Windows screen.

I can no longer print from the laptop to my printer. I am VERY upset!!!. This update is a disaster. It needs to be undone. Windows 10 is not fit to be called an Operating System for business laptop or PC use. Microsoft had no common sense, they should have ironed out the minor bugs with Win7.

If everyone reverted back to Win7 if they cannot handle Linux! I actually now have time to use them as productive devices, instead of having to fix Win10 issues all the time. All you need is a good antivirus installed and block the small amount of CEIP it may run. Now I am Cortana free, MS spyware free, problem free….

I will indicate what line 10 should say with symbols. Somehow this editor keeps deleting from my line Windows 10 updated last night switched on tonight after 20 minutes of a circle going round I got to the login screen only to followed by a black screen and I cant get past it! I have switched it off forced and restarted still the same so switched it off and walked away. I am SO glad I use a dual boot with Linux and only use w10 when I need to becase it is just absolute rubbish!

Never seen that happen before. Any ideas on what caused that? I have windows 10 version , 1 year 6 months no problem. Would it be wise to actually un-plug my desktop to discharge the capacitors.

After the latest up-date, it will not recognize my 2nd monitor which worked like a champ until the update of Oct 7 or so. It always tells me I have the latest driver. Microsoft really screwed us all over this time. What the hell did they do last night? Slower than ME. I would love 7 right now. I am done with windows. After August windows 10 update which totally crashed my computer, I am going with Apple now. More money, but less aggravation.

Windows 10 is worse than Vista. My Toshiba Laptop running Windows 8. I had no restore points to remove the update. My desktop with Windows 10 was not affected following the last update. I cleared all caches, deleted many of my emails Outlook repeated froze the laptop and had to power off to restart. No improvement. I expect Microsoft might be deliberateiy sabotaging operating systems to sell more products. Yesterday, twice in a row which has never happened. Anyone else with this problem?

Microsoft could give us all a free version of windows 8. I needed a new laptop and was forced to buy with windows I have four windows 7 in my house and one windows 8. Windows 7 is our go to. I miss the old days. What is going on? Has anyone else experienced this? Everything is slow, typing is slow usually a word or two behind what is being typed mouse is slow have to click times to get it to open and then opening anything takes secs to register it is opening.

Just writing this took longer than it should waiting for the words to catch up. I have a Lenovo Yoga which was working perfectly at the weekend. Any thoughts would be really appreciated. This totally sucks. I was playing Rainbow Six Siege a while ago and it randomly closed. Maybe on Monday I can find a solution? I was up until 2 am this morning trying every fix suggested on the Internet- using my cell phone that remained connected to my home WiFi, and now? The Surfacd WiFi just mysteriously started.

Just dont get it. My laptop had Win 10 installed when I bought it 2 yr ago. In Jan came update attempts which failed. In Feb came a new window re. Updates which I kept putting off until later.

A few days ago the update window from hell finally caught me asleep and installed itself without my authorization. Attempts to fix the issue with the compatability troublemaker consistently yielded an error window.

I found a backdoor into the compatability troublemaker that actually attempted to fix the issue — said it did and I should try it — I did that a few times and then tried hopefully to run the games all to no solution — still no action.

I downloaded the repair tool suggested above — restoro. I happened to run McAfee AV which then reported numerous files in restoro that needed quarantine, so I uninstalled that. I can relate but on a separate level. You have problems with the display changing while I have problems with my computer not remembering my login information. It changes whenever I restart my computer. Microsoft is really starting to piss me off too.

I hope you get yours figured out. I am so fed up with Microsoft I could scream! Since the last update, I have to login to my MS account, into my Bing account, re-do my search settings, and sign into my Disqus account every time I restart my computer. This is infuriating. I am fed up with MS updates. How frustrating. After the late February update my display desktop is a pale blue and the fonts are all over the place in size. Mostly smaller. The same thing is happening on two desktops in my house, one is a Intel I5 on a Gigabyte mother board and the other is an AMD on a Asus mother board.

LOLL haha… really any suprise.. Hi, I did a forced windows update on thursday 13 feb … next morning computer shuts down on start up… sometimes shuts down just after entering passwpassword and sometimes a minute or 2 after windows opens home screen… ddid try and restart in safe mode which did work for a longer period of time… Very frustrating as this is a business computer and it is costing me time… Does anyone know of a reason or have a fix for this yet???

I first checked updates and there were none since January, except Firefox. My computer is crawling. Last night worked fine. No idea why Windows and FF are so slow today. Taking forever to load W10 programs and also internet. Quite strange, especially if there were no W updates. Maybe check again…. Latest update ended with a black screen, and a box advising that Windows was setting up a personalized experience for something.

With Task Manager, tried to restart Explorer, failed. Tried to log off, failed. Hard reset, Windows started OK. I thought I had always had the latest version of windows because I have automatic updates on.

However, I found I did not have the latest. I updated manually because the updates website stated I already had the latest version????? Now, since updating, my mouse has got a mind of its own. Highlighting items, opening other windows, jumping all over my screen. So i found this article cause this morning my computer started freaking out. Turns on 10 seconds then boots over and over and over pls help! I am poor and cant bring it in to get repaired.

It auto installed latest windows update this morning. Go figure. The latest forced Windows 10 update sometime mid-Dec really takes the cake. Way to go, I thought updates were meant to be improvements!

Yet another irate Windows customer. We ran into this and found it had created another user or something like that on some of the computers, but not all. Check users and see if that is what happened. We just worked around for now. Will do fresh install when we have more time. NOW, after updating overnight, WIndows has introduced another, well hidden, issue that causes my connection to fail at random intervals, with the useless troubleshooter failing to resolve or deicover the ussue, determined that my cabling is suspect which, by swapping it out, I know it is not.

This is only a Windows issue, as all my Android devices work perfectly, with no interruptions in connectivity. Over 45, pictures. I had to restore to the point before the update to get them all back. What the heck. Do I even need the update? Not sure what else is wrong as it is now a complete pain in the ass to navigate to the various apps and programs I need. Also very slow startup to the point I though that my fingerprint login function was borked as well.

Really angry with MS yet again — Windows 10 updates are a complete fiasco — i had to have 3 laptop rebuilds last year and 2 so far this year. My previous laptop was rebuilt to dual boot with Linux which saved my sanity on two calamitous W10 update failures but unfortunately I am tied to MS Excel otherwise I would have waved Windows goodbye for ever already. It is as if anything with any age to it or with file format issues was uninstalled and will have to be redone.

System runs fine but is almost worthless. This happens constantly and is driving me nuts. I have lots of work to do for my charity and it takes so long to keep resetting to my previous version of windows This is how I am able to enter this text. No doubt overnight it will update automatically and I will have to reverse it again. Did my update last night and today. Windows 10 just updated yesterday and now my PC does not completely shutdown. I am left with all the lights, etc still on and have to switch off manually.

Update on July 27 made it impossible to get into windows. There is no box for a password or any other way to get into the program. I tried to get the Dell inspiron desktop to go to safe mode and could not find it. Microsoft should pay to have it fixed. Worked thru HP support for previous issues just like this as well as HP troubleshooting and nothing works.

Both of my Surface 3 devices had their charging drivers broken by the most recent Windows update on the 19th. A friend saw a post about it and said their workplace has been chaos the last week because they also use Surfaces at their clinic and also got the update.

Have had a laptop for just over a month. This morning I saw a message asking if I wanted to install updates or delay. Needing to work, I selected a delay.

Shortly after that I tried to start the Bash for Windows app. After a long delay, Windows said it had encountered an error and had to reboot. However, it stated it had encountered a problem rebooting.

However, same thing — attempting to reboot just let to a screen saying there was a problem, did I want to reboot or try Advanced Options. I can no longer use a picture to personalize desktop after Windows update January 21, ? The picture option is gone from the desktop background settings menu and I now have a black background.

Did the option move somewhere else or disappear completely? The latest update came with a lot of drivers to update as well…My trackpad stopped working. And now…my computer is dying. Anyone having the same problem? Office inaccessable and has disapeared I get a winword. Oobesystemsmultipage msg in window. What in the world am I supposed to do?

How do I get my computer working again? Completely confused by this. Automatic update last night and now I keep getting strange messages relating to wifi adapters and network discovery. I dont know how to deal with this stuff. Another is products that ship with windows, example groove. A good example of a rubbish app. Another the installed apps. Several cannot be uninstalled without more knowledge. All apps should have an easy way to remove them. IT may improve when they fully integrate windows with linux or even better take the best bits from all 3 and make a winlinmac operating system.

Apps hang for no reason at all but works in the background. Showed some KB file Patch Tuesday along with an update to Acer tech had nothing new. So far no post online that small Android phone can find worked. Is no family can get help from. Is no way past initial Boot sequence. NO button combinations so far worked.

BIOS can access but is setup to stop there. No access to CMD let alone recovery so far. Best advice is call up Acer, or whoever you have a warranty with if you still have one and get it sent off. My computer did the install just now. I have a Toshiba Laptop running Win 10 that today after latest forced update refuses to see any mouse whether USB, wireless or its own internal touchpad so its effectively unusable.

I have a new laptop for a class I am taking, got it brand new in April I was told to do the HP updates that appear on my computer where it has an HP logo, there is a! I did not want any viruses or anything getting in it, so I did not use it for anything but the class 3 times a week. Now what do I do? Ring up whoever you bought it from, as you probably still have a warranty with them if you only got it in April, and send it off and get it fixed. SIDE NOTE: There is no reason what so ever to do any of the HP upgrades, all they will do is clog your machine with junk meaning over time you will run out of space on your HDD to save your class work onto, and slow down the running time of your computer as it will want to start all of the HP upgrades upon start of the machine, meaning longer boot times that you will never use and its a way for HP to know what you are searching and where you are if you having ticked the boxes.

So yeah, if someone tells you to do a HP upgrade, ignore it. I have SIX dead laptops, thanks to Win10 updates! Every time another update comes out, we lose another Elitebook p, w, p, mainly to the boot loop problem! WTF, Microsoft!? Anyone have any ideas for reviving these corrupted machines?? Or any way to get MS to fix the machines they kill?? I plan to have restored. I love that laptop. I hate that mcafee comes installed.

After my Windows 7 computer went south, I returned to my Windows 10 system two months ago. One piece of advice that could be helpful is to let the updates do their thing no matter how long it takes; it can take an hour or more. Turning the computer off or attempting to interrupt it could cause problems. I may have done this in the past. My computer was fine when I went to bed then woke up to a blue screen asking me what keyboard I wanted.

Choose USA and then a tiresome loop started. Took it finally to a tech repair service and it cost me LEAVE my computers alone, or ask first. I updated last night before I went to bed. I go to get on in the morning and I cannot get on at all. This is my issue right now and I am freaking out. We managed to get it back to the login screen, I forget which one of the options we chose, but we did restartr several times.

So I really dont know what to do, it has been stuck there like that for 20 minutes. I had to pay for a new hard drive. My computer is a little over one year old. Since you get to update without my permission and this is supposedly your property, then I want you top pay for the fix.

This is expensive and a huge unnecessary pain redoing everything. I downloaded update last night and turned off the computer. This morning when I turned it on again, there was basically nothing on my computer which is a Dell Inspiron lap top that was running Windows 10 fine until now. Now literally nothing on my computer except recycle bin and icons the taskbar that there is no audio system. My computer is about 18 months old and no trouble until this. So much might be list:.

I have 2 external hard drives, they are both stuck at drive D: D: two drive letters. I go to disk management to fully clear them and than make a new drive letter. But when I asign any drive letter backup settings still says M: M: two drives letters whatever I set it as. This is crap Microsoft! My computer downloaded the most recent updates last night. Today, after two hours, it was unable to complete the installation of the updates. It is still locked up trying to restore a previous version of Windows I have work I need to get done, and this is not helpful.

The sane thing happened to me. Still, I think this is really shoddy work on the part of Microsoft, to have such a shoddy product that people like us are left in a lurch. I did the upgrade last night on my notebook and it is totally chaos. In the morning, it takes another few hours I went out and back home to continue install after reboot. When I back home again, the notebook is shutdown automatically and I thought it is finally completed. Then I turn it on again but it then said roll back to previous windows version, it takes about minutes and suddenly the power is off.

Oh my god, I keep pressing the power button but nothing happen. Seems I need to say goodbye to my notebook now. Could anybody tell me what happens? My computer is almost entirely crashed. If the location is on this PC, make sure the device or drive is connected or the disc is inserted and then try again.

SO… now what? They had been unable to get past the screens that I encountered. Hoping to hear something soon. I am suspecting that the update created a new partition on the hard and the computer is trying to load from it but it is lacking the desktop file… Tomorrow I will check it! I had that same error message about lacking the desktop file.

I just heard back from Staples, and it appears that a number of people have had the same issue. In my case, they have to reset the whole system back to its factory settings.

I do hope that Microsoft is seeing these widespread problems, and addressing them for the future. Sounds like my problem. It takes me back to a blue screen to choose language and when i do it asks if I want to rollback or go to previous version. Nothing worked. Automatic update created partition on hard drive that wasnt there before.

Steam app no longer works and all saved games gone. Pathways to run programs disrupted. I have used Microsoft my whole life. This is unforgivable. I have assembled computers before, and have a fair working knowledge of PCs. After this experience on my desktop and now my laptop I will not use any more Microsoft products. I am furious, and my only recourse is to take my business elsewhere, and convince as many people as I can to do the same.

My Outlook account is not working! All in all, the whole PC seems to take almost twice as long to start up and to open programs. Windows updated over weekend. Today I restored to pervious version. My touch screen stopped working in Chrome with the new update. My P7 Lenovo slowed way down with the new update. Did they have any beta testing done or is this the best they can do with beta testing?

The latest April update killed my HP desktop. There is nothing wrong with the hardware. Nothing can be done. I tried everything. I need to remove the hard disk and copy all the relevant files. And then I must reinstall Windows. Microsoft has serious problems.

I am thinking of all the hapless people who only have one home computer, or all those whose work computer is killed this way. This sort of thing will wreck their nerves. My HP desktop is showing an error screen this morning.

Said it was looking for repairs, but then said to restart or use Advanced Options. Restart did nothing. Now it is telling me to reset my computer but I will lose all apps and settings. This is my home business computer. After the March 14th update, my Chrome browser slowed down to dial-up speeds. The following day, I received an alert in Windows that told me that Microsoft Edge is much faster than Chrome. I have no interest in even trying Edge, knowing how Microsoft has manipulated their market.

Thank you so much for your feedback. BUT, I try again, give n your comments. In other words — they are useless because the path should be c:userdocuments. All iTunes stuff lost, so my playlists and so forth are gone. Very RUDE to remove programs and change everything around for an update. MAR 18, — I am having problems with chrome opening certain sites, at some point. Do you want to close windows? Then restart and it finally clears up and starts normally.

I should have made a video of it. Next time I will. Are they really installing the entire OS? After reading some of the comments on this page. Obviously not been thought through becauase there is an alternative OS out there called Android that causes virtually no problems at all.

Downloading from microsoft store now impossible. Micorosoft suuport say there vis a last option to fix any problems. I have another. Moving over to Android as Microsoft seem hellbent on destroying any customer relations that has not been destroyed up to date from previous updates doing similarvthings to Win I have not used Windows 10 since last year after having multiple problems with updates including losing my entire operating system and endless update loops.

I am using my old Windows 7 computer with updates turned off. It cannot update if is not connected to the internet. This may be a good way for some to deal with the problem. Not sure what to do. Nothing works. Powered off Thurs P M and was fine. Powered back up Sat PM and nothing works. MS screensaver on with time but mouse and keyboard no work.

Cannot get login to appear. I had all the problems with windows 10 you could think about , Freezing screen , losing files , you name it i had the problem.

The last straw for me was when it loaded 4 versions of windows 10 on my Desk Top and it just killed the computer completely. So i sold everything to a person for scrap parts. I bought a Chrome Box off Amazon and had to change the printer as well as they only work with Google Cloud , i can honestly tell you now that i have had not 1 thing go wrong at all, no waiting around for updates or minutes or an hour to start up like it did before as i can get on the internet within 20 sec every single time.

I wish i had done this some time ago as i was getting so angry and frustrated with windows 10 that i was ready to explode. Now hassle free and peaceful using the internet. Thanks for the reply and the suggestion. My priority is to my eBay buyers now after my return from a day on vacation. Anyway—what a hassle. Thanks again!! Every thing i go on runs very smooth , even my grown up daughter and come off windows 10 since i did and she loves it much better than all the hassle on windows Good Luck.

Was working fine before. Two days of struggling, and eventually have to pay for pro repair!!!!! About time Microsoft took some responsibility for this ridiculousness. After installation, display is darker after every launch and I have to go to Nvidia panel to change display options for Nvidia drivers.

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Microsoft’s April Updates are Causing Windows to Freeze

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